Dr. Forest Tennant Gives Lecture in Richmond, VA

Dr. Forest Tennant, a widely respected researcher and pain management physician in California who specializes in treating intractable pain, is giving a presentation for doctors and patients on his recent findings and treatments following a buffet dinner.

When:   Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 6-9 PM
Where:  Hilton Garden Inn Richmond Airport, 441 International Center Drive, Sandston VA (near Richmond Int'l Airport)
Cost to Attend:  $50 includes dinner; advance registration and payment required

A few slots are left for attendees. For further information, contact Kristen Ogden at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The event is intended for both doctors and patients.

Recent scientific advances about neurinflammation in the spinal cord have enabled the development of new diagnostic techniques and therapeutic protocols to treat pain.  When chronic pain centralizes in the spinal cord and brain (the central nervous system), many patients experience constant neuropathic pain brought about by microglial activation and neuroinflammation.  Successful treatment can require a special pharmacologic regimen that includes analgesics, neuropathic agents, and agencts which reduce neurinflammation.  

Presented by Families for Intractable Pain Relief and co-hosted by the Richmond Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association, the program includes healthcare experiences of patients with very severe, constant pain from adhesive arachnoiditis, post-firal autoimmune disease, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (Reflex Sympatheic Dystrophy) post-stroke (Dejerine-Roussy Syndrome) and connective tissue disorders (such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome).

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